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The Legend of Fat Mama: A multiple award winning documentary by Rafeeq Ellias for BBC World, broadcast in over 200 countries, it is the story of India's tiny Chinese community in Kolkata's 'melting wok'. It is the first film ever to document the trauma of incarceration and deportation of Chinese families after the India-China war in 1962. It is also about the ties that bind: from chow mein and tandoori chicken to Bollywood music!

What Man, Joe: Joe Vessaoaker is a man who lives and breathes the trumpet every minute of his waking life. A life-long teacher and musician, he represents a dying tradition of funeral music in the East Indian community of Christians in Bombay. Joe, who lives in the vibrant, multi-talented 'musical' neighbourhood, is as extraordinary as he is simple and ordinary, coming from a traditional fishing family whose every member played a musical instrument with panache.

Do Rafique: A conversation between chronicler-historian Rafique Baghdadi and filmmaker Rafeeq Ellias


Fat Mama Films • Ice Cube • Wandering Fakir

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